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#TITLE# Trijicon SRS in Detail #/TITLE Trijicon has been a big name in the gun industry because of the company’s Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights (ACOG combat gunsights) which are used by many tactical and military forces around the world. Aside from ACOG, Trijicon has ventured into the production of reflex sights for small arms. Some of these are the Trijicon Reflex, Trijicon TriPower and Trijicon RMR.

The most recent innovation from Trijicon is the Trijicon SRS or Sealed Reflex Sight, which is an entirely new design from the other reflex site models. Since its release in the mid-2012, the Trijicon SRS has been noted to have some unique features.

  • Optical Performance
  • Trijicon SRS has a noticeably larger view even if its sight housing is much shorter.
  • In fact, Trijicon SRS and the 1x42mm Trijicon Reflex are the sights with the largest field of view available in the market today.
  • Trijicon SRS has a 38mm objective lens, which is mounted at a specific angle that helps with shorted sight housing.
  • The coating of the lens looks magenta in color from the front but slightly greenish when looked at from the rear and clear from the operator’s point of view.
  • The other great thing about the Trijicon SRS is that there is no tunnel effect regardless of viewing angle and the lens remains clear of any and all lighting conditions.
  • Keeping up with the Trijicon quality optics, the Trijicon SRS lens is made of Schott glass, which is the best in the world.
  • Illumination
  • A red 1.75 MOA dot is the Trijicon SRS’ reticle.
  • This dot is bright and precise in focus, which enables the user to have greater speed in sight ups.
  • Despite the brightness, the dot is still just the right size to fit into a torso target 300 meters away.
  • Power
  • Trijicon SRS only requires a single normal AA size battery for power and there is no exposed battery compartment, which makes is more durable and resistant to battle damage.
  • A secondary power source is available with the Trijicon SRS. A small solar panel can be found on top of the sight housing and this can give enough energy to power the Trijicon SRS in ambient lighting conditions.
  • The combination of the two power sources is said to enable the Trijicon SRS to have a longer battery life of about 3 years in combat condition.
  • Sight housing
  • Trijicon SRS was made using 7075-T6 aluminum, which makes it almost indestructible, with the sight is completely sealed off and water submersible up to 165 ft. (50m) in depth.
  • Trijicon SRS measures 3.75 inches in length but is 2.5 inches thick because of the large 38mm objective lens.
  • Mount
  • Trijicon SRS has a weight of 14.2 ounces including the sight mount.
  • The mounts available are plain (dual thumbscrew) and quick-release Brobo (which costs an additional of about $75).

Trijicon SRS maintains the same level of high quality that is associated with all Trijicon products. It is one of the best available in the market today.

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