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That’s a nice rifle and a service kit!
TaylorWSO [Life Member]
8/9/2010 5:47:45 PM
Originally Posted By Milo5:

The fixes are out there, they choose not to utilize them.

Do you think anyone wants to carry around a 3 lb pack to service a rifle? If it needs all that, than it really is “field ready”, its “very specific fight ready”

The rifle with all the mods is something that really does not work in the afgan environment, humping weight. Maybe in Iraq it might work for city work in static positions but way too much crap to haul just to clean/service it.

I have one of the first sage kits, and though it was the shit, UNTIL I carried it, tried to clean it, add a scope to it. If it gets into mud with those holes, it will make it inoperative really quickly. With a can it balances very poorly in the front.

I removed the plastic handguard, used a piece of aluminum to cover the op rod, in a effort to reduce weight/improve handling.

Much better options but the M14 Scope Mounts lovers wont let it go.

Nice write up BTW.
Milo5 [Member]
8/9/2010 8:58:53 PM
Three pounds is LESS than what two loaded and pouched M14 Scope Mounts magazines weight.
That weight is inconsequential to the overall equipment weight an individual soldier carries and a soldier doing a day patrol does not need to carry everything in that kit.

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