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For those who believe in getting the best quality accessories for rifles, Harris Bipods are the only name that they can bank upon. The quality, construction and the durability of these accessories are par excellence and they are a must have for anyone who like shooting targets for recreational purposes and even as a competition. In fact, the bipods by Harris have also been used extensively by Military and Police alike. Many of these bipods come with a small lever located on the back side. You can find a Pod-Loc for lever that would make shooting even more accurate. It is a replacement accessory for the knurled knob found at the base of most of the swivel type bipods made by Harris.

The Pod-Loc becomes an essential for novice and experienced shooters alike. The Harris BRM-S bipods are definitely the strongest and the most useful bipods around. However, with continuous usage, the swivel of the bipods often starts to get loose and then it becomes difficult for the shooter to tighten the knobs of the bipod without using any tools. The Pod-Loc would remove any such issues altogether. Within a few seconds, you would be able to lock in the tension of the swivel, from the tightest to the most flexible. Most of the shooters these days prefer to level the bipod and then lock it in order to get the most accurate shots. However, this is only applicable for stronger and more leveled surfaces. On grass and dirt, these tactics do not work. If you lock a bipod while it is tilting off to one side, you would be in for painful experience.

With the help of a Pod-Loc, you can set the tension of the rifle and let it stay at a given angle for some time. The need to unlock and lock a bipod again and again is handled here. The Pod-Loc designed by KMW have recently got an upgrade with more custom levers. These levers are shorter and easier to handle. Moreover, they won’t break off like their predecessors did. You can find many expensive and imported varieties of the Pod-Loc. However, the best bet for you would be to buy the KMW pieces. They are stronger and more robust and generally have a better level of excellence, matching the KMW standards. Again, you would find cheaper varieties too. However, they are not very dependable options. It is better to spend once and forget your swivel lock worries by buying the Pod-Loc from KMW.

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