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5/31/2009 3:02:53 PM
“This is the system you can overload like a fucking Jingle truck and carry 500 mags, 18 smokes, 12 pistol mags and 3 medical kits for, you know, SHTF. Oh yeah, and a multi-tool.” – TimW

I love it when people quote me and it just happens to fit. :)I bought a Mesa Tactical 8 round shot shell holder for my Benelli M4 over two years ago. Well at the last multi-gun match the three of the screws stripped out of the receiver rail and weren’t repairable.
I contacted Mesa Tactical and they sent me a return shipping label and told me to send my old one in for repair. Well a week after I mailed my old rail back a BRAND NEW one arrived! I have had good customer service from other places before but I’d have to say this is the BEST customer service I have ever had.
If there is ever a product that I need that Mesa Tactical makes I am definately going to buy from them!

Thanks Mesa Tactical!
7/16/2010 10:08:18

Mesa Tactical

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