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Guns are available nowadays for the use of law enforcers, militaries, and even by ordinary people who just love such. Hence, if you have been fond of using guns, you probably think of having a bipod to experience a higher level of accurate shooting. A bipod is an attachment to various guns such as machine guns, sportier rifles, varmint rifles, and extreme long range rifles. It is used as a support on guns to reduce recoil and increase accuracy. It is used on a flat horizontal surface since it provides significant stability. Perhaps, a lot of bipods are currently available for purchase in the market, but nothing surpassed the satisfaction offered by Atlas Bipod.

A Little Something to Know About
Atlas Bipod is a product of Acushot . It was marketed around 2010. Atlas bipod provides rock solid support and only weights 11 ounces. It works extremely well since bulks and exposed springs are eliminated on robust design. It has the ability to Cant and Pan with multiple positioning legs, which can move independently. It can be deployed either forward or backward up to 45 degrees. It provides a total of 30 degrees left to right Pan and 30 degrees Cant. It also allows the rifle to transverse from left to right. Unlike other bipods, Atlas allows the shooter to position it first. Thus, it offers a highly reliable strength and stability, which caters mostly to the demand of the shooters and offers great fulfillment. Moreover, the finest materials are used to build this bipod and it is evaluated with the highest standards for quality in the USA.

Atlas Bipod‘s Construction
Atlas Bipod is constructed using a stainless steel and aluminum aircraft grade, which includes a small picatinny rail. To stabilize the tension in times of panning or canting, an adjustable knob is provided, considering the lowest position of tension still allows the rifle to be moved, but provides enough to maintain the position through the shot. The bipod’s height is also adjustable from 4.75″ up to 9″ by the use of leg extensions up to 5 legs locking points. It has a retention latch which allows leg extensions easily and quickly.

General Feedback for this Gear
There are a lot of positive feedbacks regarding Atlas Bipod and how efficient it is to use, and is proven by the testimonies of various individuals who were able to buy such. However, the best way to prove how different Atlas Bipod is among others is to buy one. More or less, it is available to purchase at about $291 to $300.

Atlas Bipod is really an expensive gear, but it will all be paid off through its ability to give a shooter the satisfaction in doing the thing he loves. Even for the hunters, serious operators, and licensed users, the money spent on buying this bipod will really worth it because of its features and quality. Thus, Atlas Bipod is considered as the best among all other bipods available and existing.

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